Will Ignition Client Run on Windows CE

I need to integrate an explosion proof Class 1, Div 2 Barcode Scanner device (a mobile computer running Windows Embedded CE) to work with Ignition to use barcode scanning to error proof and automate material loading into our process.
Will an ignition app run on WinCE or do I need to have something developed in .NET or C++ to either insert read barcodes to a SQL table that Ignition handles or to handle everything in the device?

no, it definitely wont run the full java client. You may be able to get something to work with the mobile module if you have it.

Would a very basic client work without mobile module?
I was considering a stripped down client with only a text box for input and 2-3 labels to show feedback from gateway.

Java SE Embedded might do the trick for you. It’s what’s used on the Raspberry Pi.