WinCC OPCUA values differ from Ignition read values

My question is: In WinCC I can see the value of the tag (the tags are ap art of the WinCC internal tags), when I bring it into Ignition I get an "Uncertain_IntailValue" error. I have pics here showing what Im seeing:

In WinCC it looks like this:


Im hoping someone with a better back ground in WinCC can help me out. Thank you.

Set the loggers you find searching these terms to TRACE:

  • OpcUaSubscriptionModel
  • OpcUaSubscriptionSynchronizer

Then go in and edit/save the OPC UA connection to WinCC. After a minute or so has passed download the logs and upload them here. We're looking to see if the corresponding monitored items for these tags are successfully created.

Ok, thank you.

I tried uploading but says file too big.

Okay, I sent you a DM with a Dropbox upload link.

It's hard to tell what's going on in your logs because you have what looks like 3 or 4 different OPC UA connections that are all in real bad shape, for various reasons. Mostly it looks like the servers you are connected to are not responding.

It might be easier to get a Wireshark capture instead. The only thing I can find related to the WinCC connection is some messages about the subscription watchdog timer expiring and the connection getting closed.

I will check that timer, thanks Kevin.

I can also do a Wireshark session.

It's not really something you can check, it's just part of the OPC UA subscription mechanism. It means that twice the subscription keep alive interval has elapsed since we last received a PublishResponse from that server for that subscription.

It's an indication that the server is broken or overloaded in some way.