WinCC Tags sync to Ignition

Hi Experts,

I am new to Ignition SCADA.
I have a problem: In our existing setup, we used Siemens PLC connected to our local WinCC SCADA (same setup with other facilities we have). Now, Ignition SCADA was installed as our Central SCADA where all data from the different facilities are gathered. The problem is the data gathered from our local WinCC SCADA and Ignition SCADA are different (may be due to transmission latency and server time).

My question: Is there a way that these SCADAs are synced with each other? Hope to receive a solution for this.

We cannot use the data coming from the Central SCADA as our analytics basis since there is a data discrepancy.


By Central SCADA, do you mean off-site? With Ignition's native Siemens driver? If so, don't do that. PLC native communications of all types are request-response protocols, and are therefore extremely sensitive to network latency. Place an OPC/UA server on each site and have Ignition communicate through that. The OPC/UA feature of Siemens S7-1500 is fine for this purpose. (There are some issues with the S7-1200.)

You might also consider an MQTT network for WAN connectivity. OPC/UA and MQTT are not request/response protocols, and do not suffer from network latency like native PLC protocols do.

Yes, Ignition SCADA is an offsite SCADA.
I'm not sure if I understand correctly, to clarify OPC/UA should be installed in our local WinCC SCADA?

With this solution, the data from our local SCADA (WinCC) and Central SCADA (Ignition) will be synced? esp the hourly reporting of data.

I don't know enough about WinCC to definitively answer that. But yes, with one system having low-latency communications, and the other system having high latency communications, there is almost no hope of synchronization. But do note, even with matching comms performance, you will likely have the "man with two watches" problem. That is "which watch is correct?"

Ideally, there would be one OPC/UA server in each facility for all PLC communications, and both Ignition and WinCC would get their data from that OPC server. I don't know if WinCC can be configured this way.

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Due to acquisition time and delay issues, the tag values in Ignition and WinCC are unlikely to be exactly the same. But that's not the crux of the matter. The key is that there should not be two SCADA programs to store historical data. There are necessarily nuances in what they store.
In my case, I use Ignition's historical database and generate reports in web form. The web is then embedded in the local SCADA system. I think this can also be achieved in WinCC.

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Alright! thanks for your reply very much appreciated