Wind Direction Meter

I need a wind direction indicator. I can’t figure out a way to use the existing meter component. Any suggestions?

  1. How many wind directions do you track?
  2. Do you also track wind speed?

We’re not far on our development roadmap from making more nice components. A nice looking compass with speed built in would be a good feature request to post.

I made you a compass out of the meter component (attached). It displays direction (N, NE, etc) from the value ranging from 0-360. You probably want to change the range colors, etc. Unzip the file and add it as a palette.

Would any of the following be useful? [size=75](JFreeChart examples from[/size]

[size=75]This one supports multiple needles of multiple types[/size] (5.6 KB)

I added the compass component you build but got an error trying to use it in a project. It may be a problem with my version of FPMI: Version: 2.0.3 (build 1017)

Error pasting object: Missing resource: com.inductiveautomation.factorypmi.application.compenents.util.fpmi_lc

That doesn’t surprise me too much. We’re very concerned with backward compatibility, but forward compatibility isn’t guaranteed. It tends to not be a big deal since minor version upgrades are free and major version upgrades are cheap (20% price for integrators and IA Total Care members).

Basically I started with a meter component and did the following:

  1. Overall Low/High Bound: 0, 359.99 (to not display the 360)
  2. Meter Angle 270 (makes north up)
  3. Meter Angle extent 360 (full circle)
  4. Tick Size 45
  5. Created a (string) dynamic property directionif({Root Container.Compass.Meter.value}>337.5, 'N', if({Root Container.Compass.Meter.value}>292.5, 'NW', if({Root Container.Compass.Meter.value}>247.5, 'W', if({Root Container.Compass.Meter.value}>202.5, 'SW', if({Root Container.Compass.Meter.value}>157.5, 'S', if({Root Container.Compass.Meter.value}>112.5, 'SE', if({Root Container.Compass.Meter.value}>67.5, 'E', if({Root Container.Compass.Meter.value}>22.5, 'NE','N'))))))))
  6. Bound “Units” to the following expression:
'° '+{Root Container.Compass.Meter.direction}
  1. Set interval low/highs for all 5 intervals (0,45) (45,135) (135,225) (225,315) (315,360)
  2. Set Interval Outlines/Backgrounds as desired. If you don’t want an outline use (255,255,255,0). I recommend using semi-transparent colors for ranges.
  3. Add labels for directions.
  4. I added a circle with a white background and a border, width 2 and put it behind the compass.

I do not have a meter angle extent property on my meter component. Maybe I need to upgrade?

Upgrading would be a good idea, but the “Meter Angle Extent” property has always been there… are you sure you don’t have it?

I meant Meter Angle. I only have meter angle extent and cant seem to get zero oriented north as a compass rose.

Ah, the Meter Angle property was added in FactoryPMI 2.1.1

Is there somewhere to download the latest 2.x upgrader (2.2.0 according to the changelog)?

Yeah, you can get the Offline Unified Installer for the versions before FPMI 3.0 / FSQL 4.0 here: … QLTags.exe

(Its ~195MB)

Also, we did throw in the Compass component that you (nathan) posted a preview of above in FactoryPMI 3.1.5.