Window blank on the left and right side

I just copy the tittle window from the demo project and create a main window. I don’t know what’s wrong, but the main window shows blank on the left and right side. Does any one know why and how to correct it?

On my Ubuntu machine, i just double clicked “Copy this for new main windows” link in demo project and got a main window with navigation buttons. Copy paste this window under windows folder and rename it to whatever you like.

May be by mistake you deleted those buttons or your project got corrupted while learning. To avoid confusion, download a fresh copy of demo once again, keep one master copy in a safe folder, restore it and try again.

If the problem persists, provide details about OS, JAVA version and Ignition version.

Thank you. maybe I made a mistake, I’ll check it.

I think what you’re seeing there is the layout mode of the components. By default, newly created Vision components use a Relative-Center layout, which can cause extra space on the left and the right like you’re seeing: Component Layout

In your case, you could anchor each component to an edge, or change the left components to be Leading and the right components to be Trailing (I’m assuming an English locale, so those may be swapped on your PC).

Thank you very much! It does work.