Window Disappeared

I was working in designer and a window I had saved just vanished from the folder tree when I saved the project. I actually had the window displayed in a client and clicked update project after I saved and the window disappeared from the runtime client and the button that used to launch it now reports an error when clicked saying the window doesn’t exist. I’ve checked all my folders to see if it got moved somehow, but it just seems to be gone. I have a backup, that I could load and then export it, but I will lose several hours of work. Any ideas? I’m running the latest beta, 7.2.5-b3.

It sounds very much like there is another Designer running! Right after you do a save it gathers the changes made by other designers and applies them, including deletes.

I’m the only one running designer, and I just had one copy open. I exported the window from a day-old backup and rebuilt it…

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Well needless to say this shouldn’t happen. I’ll take a look and see if I can find any clues. Please let me know if you figure out how to reproduce this.

Hate to pull this back from the dead but I just had this happen to me in 7.9.9. The screen still shows up on the welcome window but it just won’t open.