Window display Issue

Hello everyone,

Why is it that in the designer, whatever the parameters I set to a window (floating, docked, border display policy set to always,etc.) it doesn’t display and thus I can’t see it? It only displays when I launch a client…

When I look at every Online Training Seminar, it didn’t use to be like this! When you changed a parameter and saved it you could see the change straight in the designer. I’m stuck with a window at the minimum size and I can’t move it, if I change the size in the parameter it doesn’t even show…

Thanks in advance.


By the way I use Ignition 7.5.3

Most changes to windows, the actual window itself, not the components, will not take effect until after logging out of the client and then logging back in.

What do you mean by

I had the same question as Greg. Please post a screenshot.

As far as the designer changes - that was a “feature” around 7.3/7.4 or so (as I recall). It came with other layout/docking updates and many other designer upgrades including the tabs at the bottom for developing windows. The old layout had undesired side effects when developing and using preview mode in terms of saving windows in unexpected ways. I agree that it was nice to be able to see and work with a popup window as such in the Designer like you saw in older training videos. Overall, I think the new layout provides a much better and more consistent environment.

What you’re saying about the sizing may be a separate issue.

Thanks for your answers.

I have figured out now that when you let a client opened, change a window docked position in the deseigner eg from west to east, then go back to the client and update, the window is unaffected. You have to close the client and reopen. That’s what was bothering me!

As for the window size everything is ok. All good now!