Window (inside Designer) Extremely Slow

Hi All,

I have a window with just a few elements inside of it, that runs extremely slow inside my designer. Just this one. It is composed as the following:
A Power Table ( that is not maintaining its column size :rage: ) containing a Dataset 51R x 5C. Four columns ( 51R x 4C = 204 cells ) of this Dataset are bound to a “Cell Update” with 4 array Tag ( Memory Tags ).
Another Power Table, which is set up like the previous one.
A Chart with 8 Dataset ( One for each column of the two power tables ). Every Dataset ( 51R x 2C ) is bound with the same array tags as the tables ( for displaying the table’s data inside the chart, I can’t bind the table’s Dataset with the chart’s Dataset due to scale ).
Other minor components ( 7 buttons, some labels )

Can anyone help me out?

What scripts are you running? Slow client performance is almost always caused by scripts running too frequently or for too long on the main thread.

I have a script running in the “Internal Frame Activated” which take some parameters and do a mathematical expression. Then take every result and write them inside two Array ( 50 elements each ). Nothing more.
It was working like a charm until a week ago :cry: