Window Layout: Component, Shape; X & Y information?

We are an OEM and will be providing clients with applications. Our products have a fairly large number of configuration variations. There will be “Types” of windows with all different images.
I am interested in storing configurations in the database, reading them and creating panels, both at config time and runtime, from the database definitions (by adding componentized controls).
I am trying to determine what is possible/available through Ignition. I am looking at how the various elements are persisted.

I would like to completely describe in a database schema a UI I have created with the IgnitionDesigner tool. I would like to be able to create windows from this description programmatically.
I have used shapes as overlays. I am familiar with sqltag, props, project resources (windows) and images.
I know the components and shapes (and their properties) are persisted somehow in association with the windows but I do not see these tables through examining the internal db (through the Console).

I could have missed something.

Is window layout (components, shapes; x, y’s) persistence information not available?