Window Layout - Portrait v Landscape

I have similar problems with window placement.
I have an existing system that all windows are in landscape mode with layout size of 1920 x 1080 to match the physical screen.
Customer wants to add some new clients with additional screens that are in portrait mode to graphically display some of the information that is in the existing screens in tabular format.
The problem is that when I define the layout as 1080 x 1840 for portrait mode (There is a docked Nav window at the top 60 pixels), extra space is padded to left and right of the screen to fill in the 1900 space around the 1080 width window.
I found that if i go to project properties and set the Client User Interface width to 1080, my portrait screens display correctly, but then my existing landscape screens get scrunched down.
Why can’t I just set the size and have it actually mean something? If i say screen is 1080 x 1920, then that’s what it should be.
The customer and I do not want separate projects.

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I’m having trouble visualizing what is going wrong here. If you have a widescreen client, and you make a portrait size window, it has to do something with the extra space on the left and the right. If you could post some screenshots, it may help identify what it looks like vs. what you think it should look like.

here are two screen shots. The Landscape shot is a main window configured in landscape orientation. This screen is being displayed on a monitor that is physically set up in portrait orientation, so you can see there is white space above the main screen. I drew in a blue line that shows the actual top of the window.
The second screen shot is of a main window in Portrait orientation (1080 x 1920) being displayed on the same monitor that is physically oriented in portrait mode (1080 x 1920). I drew in a line to show the actual left edge of the main window.
I would expect the landscape window to need horizontal scroll bars, but I would expect the portrait window to fit natively in a portrait monitor without scroll bars.
If I go to Project Properties | Client | User Interface and set the Minimum size to 1080 X 1920, then my portrait window displays correctly, but the landscape windows get scrunched down.
I have also tried adjusting the minimum and maximum size parameters of each window in the Property Editor Layout section. These settings do not seem to have any effect whatsoever. I would think those should override the global project properties.

Ultimately i will identify the client and only display a portrait window on a portrait client, and landscape windows on a landscape client. But we would like to only have one project if possible.

I have also looked if there is a system.gui parameter to modify the max size based on which client is opening the given window, but have not found this parameter. Not really sure if that would work either.

You need to play with your windows’ minimum size properties, too. And possibly convert some of your design to layout=anchored instead of relative.

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Please explain “windows’ minimum size”. is that in Project Properties or each window’s Property Page Layout settings?
Setting all objects to Anchored seems to work,
But to be able to display portrait windows and landscape windows i have to set the Project Properties Minimum Window size to 1920 x 1920 so that either type of window will fully display. This creates vertical scroll bars on the landscape screens and horizontal scroll bars on the portrait screens to be able to scroll out to the empty areas of screens. not the most desirable, but workable. I may duplicate the project when all development is done and set one up for landscape and the other for portrait.

Each window has properties for min and max size.

I see that, but those settings don’t seem to have any effect. How do they interact with the Project Properties Minimum window size settings? I would think (or like) that the individual window settings would be the deciding or overriding factor in final window size.

I didn’t test this just now, but I believe whichever minimum size is larger is the one that determines the minimum size for a given window. So if project minimum is set lower, you’ll get the window properties minimum size.