Window load times

Some of my windows are taking a while to load.
Upwards of 15 seconds.

I have graphics intensive screens and although they load almost instantly after cached, the initial load times may be a problem.

Combine repaints seems to have helped but I need to shave this down as much as I can.
I ran some tests and it seems like hidden objects still make the window sluggish.
I am thinking that if I can remove many of my hidden layers that I technically don’t Need, I should be able to reduce my load time.
Is this accurate?

I also am displaying many different states according to tags.
Will the number of tags affect this as well?

Are the graphics prescaled to their display size?

I have them at 16x16 and I am using a window size that is in most cases smaller than the minimum size which I have set to 1024X768.

Yeah the problem is that you have a lot of components inside of the window. The component count can get high when you use SVG graphics or Symbol Factory. The time will reduce if you remove some of the components you don’t need in the window.

I placed all my graphics windows into separate containers and mimic navigating by controlling which container is visible. This had extraordinary initial load times and I had to keep the window open while navigating manually by scripts the other windows.
(All graphics combined on one window takes over 2 minutes to save in my designer)
This made switching graphics screens nearly instantaneous but I had memory issues loading the clients.
Now I’ve got the graphics containers in templates and I’m simply changing the template path for navigation so It’s a little faster since I am not actually swapping the windows.
Has anyone ever experienced these issues before?
Why do the templates run smoother than the components on window. Is the gateway handling them differently? I use combine repaints on the containers.

At one point I had our electric utility one-lines in a similar setup to yours. I had one window which had containers for a combined view of our utilities, utility 1, utility 2, UPS lineup 1 and UPS lineup 2. Each container had a few hundred components in them and it would sometimes take a minute or so to redirect and load the project for this. I had a tab strip at the top which would make all but the selected container hidden.

I ended up splitting each container into its own window, and instead have a bar docked to the side of the screen which simply opens new windows. Now, rather than having to load/deserialize every component regardless if it will be used, only the components necessary for that screen need to be loaded. Even with switching projects to open the combined utility screen, it loads in about 6-8 seconds now.