Window make designer freezes

I have a problem with one window, which has 2 power table, which pooling data from DB,
the DB is working fine, however, when I try open that window with the designer, the desigener start freezing
and pop up errors window which freezes also.
(I have tried to change the version of ignition but with no luck)

this is picture of it,
is there anything I can do?
this window is extremely important for me.

Are you working from remote or in local?
if you are working from remote, try take the whole page and put it in a local designer ( just copy paste it from the remote designer to the local one ) and see if you still have the issue in the local desinger. if that is the case, it means that the remote deisgner takes too long to elaborate all the stuff inside the page. Try remove one component at the time and then put the page back in the remote desinger and see if it freeze again… if it does, again, take your page in local, remove a componet, put it back in remote… and so on until you find the “slowing” component.
Also, what scripts are you running? Slow client performance is almost always caused by scripts running too frequently or for too long on the main thread.