Window "Maximum Size" property

I have a non-resizable docked window. I want to limit the maximum scaled size for aesthetic reasons.
The property “Maximum Size” does not seem to have any effect, i guess this is intented for resizing and not scaling.

The window is drawn in 1024x768, and that is my intended maximum scaled size.

Can this be done?

It’s a docked window, so you’re talking about the scaling that happens when the entire client window is resized?

So you want it to scale downwards, but not upwards beyond a certain width or height? I can’t think of a way to do this…

Yes, this is what i’m trying to achieve. The problem is that the window is used both on laptops (1200x768) and desktops (1920x1080 / 1920x1200). The display on the desktop view looks weird, with huge analog indicators and value fields.

Maybe you should design the contents at a fixed size (anchored top-left layout) inside a sub-container that is centered.

I design my project screens for the least common denominator. My projects often have a mix of square and wide monitors. I have a project that is run on 1280x1024 and 1600x900 resolutions. I set my project windows to be 1260x830 (it’s slightly small than the least common denominator to account for scroll bars and Windows Task Bar). Most of my components layouts are set to Relative, Maintain Aspect Ratio, Scale Font OFF. Tables are mostly set to Relative, Maintain Aspect Ratio OFF, Scale Font OFF. When I have to have things line up precisely, I do as Carl recommended, place a container on the window and place all my components in that container and set the container to Anchor Top/Center.

I added all content to another container, and set the layout option on this container to be anchored and centered (as suggested by carl). This acheived what i wanted.