Window Opened Script During Project Startup

I have a window opened script on a docked (navigation) view that relies on same gateway tags.

I have a shortcut to the project launcher in the Windows startup folder and it does open automatically when the computer starts up, but this script doesn't seem to work quite properly on that initial startup. If I close the project and re-open it the script executes properly every time.

Is there something I can do within Ignition or the launcer to wait until the Gateway is "fully ready", or should I try to use a batch file in the startup folder or the task scheduler that opens the project?

I wonder if you could nest your window opened script in a function and use invokeLater recursively to check and see if the tag quality is good. If so, run the script, else call the function again in 500 milliseconds. It would probably also be nice to use a custom integer property to limit the number of tries, so the function can't retry forever in the event that something other than startup delays has broken your tag.