Window order is not preserved on project update

In our current project we have windows open on top of each other, so that going back simply means closing a window to get back to the previous layer.

Under normal circumstances this works fine- the window stack remains in the order they were opened.

However, when the project is updated and the client reloads, this ordering is lost. It would appear that windows are all reloaded at the same time, and whichever windows load fastest get added to the stack first. The currently focused window is preserved, but the order of all windows behind that is completely messed up.

While z-order can fix this some of the time, it’s a very manual task and difficult to manage this for every window in the system and will not fix cases where the windows may be opened in either order.

Please could this be fixed.


I think you would be better off setting up some kind of stack in a client tag that keeps track of your window order. You could write your own app.nav.swapTo() and app.nav.goBack() functions that pay attention to a client tag (of type dataset) that holds the window stack. That way you also don’t have to worry about your client slowing down because you have too many windows open. Or what happens when a user opens the same window and pulls it out of order to the front.

Keeping a stack in a client tag was one of our ideas too, but you can only do that when all of the windows are full-screen. For popup-style transparent windows to work they must be preserved by Ignition- I cannot see any other way to handle this.


I’ve put in a ticket to get this looked at. Seems like we should be able to preserve the order without further configuration on your end.

This bug has been fixed for v7.6.4.