Window position in Mac OS X

When running the designer on a Mac OS X box, I’ve run into a few spots where any window handled by by Java (such as a the property binding window) is created at screen position (0,0), which is behind the toolbar at the top of the screen. OS X doesn’t have the alt-click move like you find in Linux, so it’s inconvenient to move the window (hitting F8 to view all workspaces and then moving the designer window makes the popped-up window move relative to the designer, so I’m not completely out of luck).

It would be nice if these windows automatically were created at the center of the screen, rather than in the upper-left.

Thanks guys.

Duly noted. Any other windows besides the binding window that you’ve noticed?

It looks like the first time a window is created that’s not handled by the OS’s window manager, it defaults to the upper left. So, in short, anything that has the gray title bar. Once one such window has been moved, it looks like all subsequent ones are opened where the previous one was moved to.