Window positions and sizes - please don't reset them

This is really irritating to me. When I open something like a component script, the window is set to a size and position that someone determined was best for it. Normally, it is too far to the right, and too small for me, especially in width, so I move it and resize it and make edits to the script. I save the changes and test. When I need to go back into the script and make further changes, the window has returned to the preset position and size, requiring me to move it and resize it once again.

After doing this several times, it really is frustrating and a big waste of time. And if working over a slower VPN connection, really aggravates the problem, as it takes even longer. Why can’t the window positions and sizes be left where they were last set? At least make it an option in the project properties that can be toggled on or off. This goes for all windows, not just component scripting windows. Once a user sets these, in my opinion, they should not return to some default, but instead stay where the user left them.