Window properties not updating

I just install 7.1.4 and noticed something strange. I was working on a window and set the window property to Docked North, and to start max, non closeable, ect. I saved the project and updated. I had a client running (on the local machine) and got the update notice. When I clicked on the update, the screen cleared and reloaded, but the Windows properties did not update as the project setting show. I then added a display to the window and updated it. The new display updated fine on the client, but the windows properties did not change, it still was floating even though it is set to Docked North. I then closed the client and relaunched the client application to the project… the new properites for the window were then working. So my question is why did some propertiers get updated and some not??

I don’t know if this is a 7.1.4 problem or not… just something I noticed.

The window properties only get updated when you log out and log back in.

To answer the question of “why” this is:

When you do a “hot-update”, the client tries very hard to not mess up the current “state” of the client as the operator has it configured. In other words, it isn’t simply closing your client and re-starting with the startup windows, it tries to keep your windows as you had them. This is intentional to try and minimize the disruption of the update and make it feel seamless.

The downside to this approach is that you won’t get changes to a window’s preferred state applied during the hot-update ever during periods of active development, when you actually might want them.

I can understand the intent and I agree with the way it works. I just had never put any thought into the client side of an update other than watching the “HOT” updates. It was the first time that I really noticed that the ‘window’ properties didn’t change, so I thought it may haven been a problem.

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