Window Stuck on "Editing this Resource"

I have a project where we have a window that is stuck on “editing this resource”. What is the best way to clear this? I’ve also seen this on a different screen on a different project.

This is a small project and nobody is actually currently editing this window (this has been stuck for days).

Ignition v8.1.10

It's been awhile since I've seen this, but I believe restarting the gateway cleared these out for me

Restarting would definitely do it, but it seems a bit extreme.

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I agree! But if the gateway webpage shows no designer sessions connected for that user, what other option do we have?

Does this still appear after relaunching the Designer?

Closed all the Designers:

After opening up the Designer again. In this case I’m logged in as “Admin” not “Engineer”.


Yep, that’s exactly how i’ve seen it in the past as well

Did anyone find a solution to this?

Any solution to this?

We’re tracking a bug ticket for this internally. That ticket recently got prioritization that ideally means it will be looked at within the next few weeks.

Has there been any solution to this? I have the same symptoms / issue as what BryanB said (both posts). Designer states that my user account is currently editing a resource. My design work is remote, so I am VPN'd into a server and the issue occurs when the connection to Ignition is lost. I cannot restart the server as it is in production. Ignition platform is 8.1.25. Thanks.

The issue I was referring to was fixed in 8.1.20. If you're experiencing something else (especially if it's reliably reproducible), please contact support and provide that information to them so we can fix it.

Experiencing this now on 8.1.28. I don't have command line access to restart the gateway, so I'm a ways away from knowing whether I can reproduce it. But another user reported the resource lock icons showing on views he was no longer editing, and this evening after verifying 0 Designer sessions active, I logged into Designer, opened the project, and the resource lock icons were still there on 3 views.