Window TitleBar Doesn't Display

When I open a new window the titlebar doesn’t display. I will click on the properties to show titlebar and still nothing happens. When I open a new window it will not display in the designer along with the previous window, it closes the previous. Example I make one window 1024x768 then create a new window which is smaller and the previous window disappears. Neither having the titlebar or ability to move around the screen. (Screen shot shown after clicking smaller window) Is there a setting / project property I’m missing?

Right, you can only edit one window at a time in the designer. You will see tabs below the window to switch between them. In the designer the titlebar of the window does not show up either. You can set the size of position of the window by pressing Ctrl-P once the window in the project browser is selected. Of course in the client it doesn’t behave this way since it is the runtime.

In the training videos it shows having multiple windows on the designer at once so you can create docked windows and floating windows. Doesn’t ignition still work this way?

No, as of Ignition 7.2 we started using tabbed windows in the designer. Previous to that you could have multiple windows opened at the same time. Not like that anymore.

You can still create docked and floating windows. They just aren’t displayed that way in the designer.