Windows 10 installation


I’m just trying to install Ignition 7.7.5 64bit on a 64 bit Win 10 system and it would appear to install OK but the gateway services doesn’t start in auto or manual.

I do get a windows error 1053 message saying it didn’t respond to the start request in a timely fashion.

Any idea’s where to go with this one?

Thanks. :frowning:

There might be some useful information in the wrapper.log file… can you check that or upload it?


I can only get the gateway control utility to open. Both the web service and gateway are stopped.
I’ve tried a thread dump but that doesn’t seem to be working either. Can you tell me how to get to the wrapper log?

You can get it from the file system, here: C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\logs\wrapper.log


Thanks Nick,

Looking at the time and date stamp, it’s from the install.
I’ve also updated Java to the latest build. version 8 build 51.
Wrapper (381 KB)

Make sure that your .conf file is pointing to the correct location for java. There’s a pretty good walkthrough on ignitions website for that: … nconf-file

I had an issue and it sounds extremely similar to what you’re going through. I just had not updated the conf file after I had updated my java version. This also happened right after i updated to windows 10, haha :laughing:

Thanks alewayhar for your suggestion.

When I checked, everything appeared to be correct.

One thing I didn’t make clear in my original post was that I performed the win 10 upgrade with an existing copy of ignition on the pc. I’ve now uninstalled this copy completely and reinstalled it which has now sorted out the start up issues I was having.

Thanks for the help from everybody. :smiley: