Windows 10 or Server

I am planning to buy a small Ignition server for a customer. They will be using 2-3 clients and have probably less than 2000 tags. I am looking at either a small server class machine (Dell) or a higher end desktop machine. The desktop comes with Windows 10 PRO and the server comes with Server 2019. I am looking for some advice on which would be the better choice. I will be using MS SQL Express for the tag historian database.

I haven’t looked at this in depth, but we’ve ended up with some on Windows 10 Pro (including slower Beckhoff embedded PCs) and some on Windows Server. That project sounds like something a desktop will run alright.

Ideally the DB would be on a separate machine. We no longer have any DBs on the same machine as an Ignition server and I wouldn’t try it on one of the Beckhoff embedded PCs we have running Ignition with only 4 GB RAM (for standalone machines). If putting them on the same machine, I believe you’ll want to have plenty of RAM and reserve enough for Ignition up front so the DB doesn’t grab too much.