Windows 11 Support

Hello all, was curious if anyone knows the roadmap for running Ignition on windows 11. When will it be official supported etc?


I’m sure we’ll start testing with it and update the supported platforms documentation soon, but I would be surprised if you encountered any problems (from Ignition, anyways…) on Windows 11.
Because Ignition only relies on the Java Virtual Machine, we don’t have to worry nearly as much about low-level changes between OS versions. The runtime we bundle since Ignition 8.0.0 is a specific build of Azul’s ‘Platform Core’, which doesn’t yet support Windows 11 per their release notes, but the changes between Windows 10 and 11 are unlikely to impact Java directly.

Personally, I would refrain from running a production gateway on a just-released operating system. If you must run production on Windows, I would recommend using Windows Server.

Thank you

Are there any updates on using Ignition on Windows 11?

Yes, QA have started testing with Windows 11, and it’s now on our supported platforms list.