Windows 7 - Roaming Profiles / Desktop Install Problems


I have a client who uses active directory with roaming desktop and profiles for users, when Launching Ignition the install fails with a Access Denied Error such as

Error launching application:
(Access is denied)

The file name specified is on the fileserver hosting the roaming desktop/profiles.

The IT department have set permissions on the desktop to stop users saving work onto the desktop, if this is disabled the ignition client will install correctly and run, but will fail to run if the permissions on the desktop set back after install.

The Roaming Profiles directory has full permissions to read/write, it is only the roaming desktop that has no write permissions. The IT Dept are reluctant to return to allowing users to write to the desktop and therefore the Ignition client will not run.

Any advice on how to work around this if it is possible would be appreciated.


Malcolm Bird
Swift Automation

As a test, try changing the Java “Temporary Internet File” location to a local folder that you have full permissions to. Control Panel->Java->“General Tab”->Settings.


tried changing the file location but this has no effect.

Why is ignition creating a folder using the Desktop folder, is this because ‘Desktop’ has been a common folder throughout multiple versions of windows and allows a common hook to the user data area ?

Hi Malcom,

Can it be launched from the gateway web page? If it does, you may want to look into a shortcut with a direct link to the project instead of trying to use the cached version.

As of 7.4.3, you can put a redirect.txt file in your USER_HOME/.ignition folder that can point to a different folder location for the client launch cache. This may help you.


Thank you for sorting this one out. I have upgraded the system and the redirection works fine.