Windows automatic swapping

Hi everyone! I need my client swap automatically between 5 Windows in few seconds,
how can i manage this? I tried with a client script but I failed. Thank you for your help!

For rotating displays like this, I follow this procedure:

  • set all of the windows to open on startup.

  • use a client tag as a pointer to which window should be on top (I use one called ScreenPointer)

  • a client timer script to set the pointer:

pointer ='[Client]ScreenPointer').value

pointer += 1

if pointer > 5: #if max number of screens is 5
  pointer = 1
  • on each window (this is not a root container property, you have to highlight the window name), set the layer property to either 1 if it needs to show or 99 if it doesn’t. For example, if it’s the third window:
if({[Client]ScreenPointer} = 3, 1, 99)

This method uses more client memory, because you’re opening all the windows at once, but the transitions are seamless.

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thanks for your help…could you be more specific on steps to follow for each Windows? thank you

A demo to play with:

ScreenSwitchDemo_2018-09-19_1334.proj (18.5 KB)

Perfect. Just what I needed. Thanks Jordan.