Windows .chm type help files

Customer has been using Window’s .chm (Compiled HTML) files for two decades (with an archaic SCADA platform) for showing help files/manuals for operators. I am upgrading them to Ign 8.1.16 Perspective. What is a good alternative for displaying help files? Operator will click a button and have a help file popup. Customer has got used to help files with pictures and hyper links to other help files, search feature, table of contents etc. These documents are actively maintained and updated so ease of editing (at developer/supervisor level) is also important.
Pdf is a no go, I don’t think they will accept MSWord files either.
Markdown maybe? or some plugins for Microsoft HTML Help Executable (opens .chm files) but I read that more and more systems are retiring it so a ‘future proof’ system would be preferable!

Apparently there is also a cybersecurity risk: Microsoft help file vulnerability could increase impact of phishing attack for all Windows users - Comparitech

Ignition Exchange has one solution involving Markdown language by @Travis.Cox :

Here is how the Windows help file looks like:

A quick web search for convert+chm+to+markdown gives plenty of options. I have tried none but it seems that the markdown would be easy to edit and easy to database.

How are they maintaining the CHM files?

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Thanks, I will check them out if we choose to go the Markdown route. Was trying to see what other options do I have? As for how they are maintaining the CHM files, I will know in few hrs, getting ready to go into a meeting with them :grimacing: I wanted to be prepared for the meeting.