Windows CPU Temp

Anyone have any luck getting the CPU temp from a Windows computer in to their Ignition application? I’ve found this article but it returns the same temperature value every time.

There is a very similar post:

which addresses another Ignition user looking for similar information. The issue that I explain with an illustration is that the firmware at the BIOS level varies from physical machine to physical machine. While some higher-level calls can make use of other machines ‘hooks’, you results will vary. So there is no one good way to get that information from multiple devices unless they are exactly the same in terms of maker basic-input-output-systems (BIOS). The Ignition moderator leaves a great link to a site where this sort of thing is commonly explored. So for selected machines, see that battery status post I list above. I only bring the news- some other folks created it when they sought to avoid patent or copyright infringement. or maybe form a special-interest group with others. Lastly, many remote-control software programs can be automated to perform such a task on a Windows PC- just one problem- there are so many flavors of Windows and so many different machines- this is controlled by the makers of the machines who often ‘adapt’ Windows for their diagnostics.

thanks for the help!

This information from Mr. ZX… may help, yet you would need to modify it for the other parameter you seek ( It is not CPU Temp- Go to the other thread and note the Blue Browse left by the moderator for a great starting point URL ).

Thanks! I’ll give this a shot and report what I find out.