Windows Embedded 7

Can you run an Ignition gateway on this OS? Ive seen some people say yay and some nay on a forum search.

If the forum doesn’t know, may you should just try it? Aside from the question of why you’d want to… /-:
If you can get java 8 installed, Igniton should just work.

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Two reasons I’ve seen for yea or nay:

  • Win7e is more modular than a standard Win7 installation. Some DLLs may skipped over when making the install image. Personally, I’ve never seen this, but have read instances of it happening, and some software packages won’t install.

  • Win7e has the Enhanced Write Filter (EWF). This is a disk protection filter that keeps unwanted changes from happening to the disk. It can also prevent wanted changes, as well. You just need to be sure that, once all changes are complete and working propery, you commit the changes to the disk.

I have a customer using the Enhanced Write Filter on some of their Ignition runtime client workstations. If it is only available in embedded Windows, then I can assure you that Java is installable.

I also have an Ignition client running on Siemens IPC277E 19’’ Touch PN/IE panel PC with Win7 32 bit Embedded.

Where did you get a TP1200 with version 7? All of our comfort panels have version 6. Did you have to update it yourself?

No, we didn’t update it ourself. The line and the panel are now 1.5 year old so last year somewhere in the spring the panel was bouth. But this is not our line (I only did migration from WinnCC to Ignition). So I don’t know, what the Italian company which build the line, did to the panel…

EDIT: My bad…:innocent:
This panel is not TP1200, but IPC277E 19’’ Touch PN/IE panel PC.
Nevertheless, it’s running Win7 Embeded 32bit and I installed Java 8 without problems and running Ignition client…