Windows Embedded

I’m looking to change out a Siemens TP1200 on a machine to a panel PC and a touch screen running ignition.

I have ran ignition before on Touch panel PC with slow success due to being fanless.

So now Im looking at a more powerful rack mount PC and a separate touch screen from advantech. I was thinking that if I go with Windows embedded it should give me more umph for ignition. I just want to ensure I can install ignition and Mysql on an embedded client.

Also, on the full blown Windows install when our other machines are powered down we always get the windows failed to shut down…wait 30 seconds of press a key. Well theres no keys to press so we have to wait. I got around this by installing a UPS that automatically shuts down the screen properly after ‘x’ seconds.

Does Embedded give you the “windows failed to shut down…” ?

I’d be about 96% sure yes. Really, the only difference in embedded is that it’s even more modular than “Full” Windows. It just depends on how much was included in the installation.

Yes, it can. But it can be disabled (run as Administrator):

bcdedit /set bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures

Windows will then attempt to always start normally on startup. This works for both Full and Embedded.

What version of Windows embedded are we talking about? and what version of Ignition?

Advantech offers XP embedded and it also says embedded. So lets assume I choose XP embedded.

The ignition licenses i have currently are for 7.5, and the latest build of mysql.

Is there a speed advantage in going embedded over full blown windows ? Is there any advantage in going embedded ?

There is no speed advantage. There are (IMO) two main advantages to Embedded:

  1. EWF: More about Enhanced Write Filter here:

  2. Modularity. Embedded allows for a minimalist installation, removing unneeded/unwanted things from the install image. It’s possible to have an installed OS taking up 500MB instead of 4GB. However, since you’d be getting it pre-installed, you won’t have any control over it. And anymore, hard drives are comparatively cheap.

My recommendation would be to pick one of the Win7 64bit systems, 8GB RAM. Epsecially if you want to use MySQL on the same machine.

We run nothing but fanless and get very good performance. Of course it depends how much money is spent on the fanless unit (there are some pretty powerful ones available now, with being one vendor), and of course on how much your Ignition and DB implementation required. There are always applications that will require more, but I wouldn’t want people to be scared away from considering fanless–just make sure the specs are up to what you’re going to ask the PC to do, fanless or not.

On the other hand, fanless increases cost, so if you don’t need it don’t bother. If your solution will live in concrete dust on the other hand…