Windows, Multiple Monitors, and finding the Main Screen turn on

Hi All,

So the 7.9.9 release has some very useful functions for getting information about multiple screens.
While it works great for creating popup/windows to show up on a separate screens, I’ve been having some difficulty determining which of the window’s screen’s is the main screen.

The following script:

list_o_screens = system.gui.getScreens()

for screen in list_o_screens :
	print screen

system.gui,setScreenIndex( min(list_o_screens ) ) 
#Main Screen Turn On

Works on the assumption that the screen on index 0 is the main screen. As those of us that work with Windows knows… Monitor ID does not always coincide with Main Screen.

Anyone have any tips? Maybe I am missing something from Windows or startup angle.

The end goal is to have a window/app always show up on a secondary monitor.