Windows open in the designer are not really *open*

system.gui.getWindow(‘window name’) fails in the designer.

This is really annoying because a have a number of scripts that run when/while a window in opened that are now causing me grief in when I try to edit then in the designer.

I also noticed this. Also affects system.gui.getOpenedWindows()

We are looking into this now, I know it’s annoying but it will only effect things in the designer. This is happening because of the changes made to the window layout in the designer. You client will still behave normally.

This has been fixed for 7.2.2. The latest 7.2.2 beta that is up has the fix.

I’m having this problem in 7.9.4.

I have a window open in designer but running this code example from the docs tells me there are 0 windows open

windows = system.gui.getOpenedWindowNames()
print 'There are %d windows open' % len(windows)

edit: I was eventually able to get .getWindow() to work (typo) However, after a bit of fiddling I was only ever able to get .getOpenedWindowNames() to work from a vision client, I could never get it to work in the designer