Windows Patching Issues Database

Question from one of our customers - Do Inductive maintain a database of any issues related to Operating System Patching? They are a large organisation with a large IT infrastructure who are always looking at best practices. We have a UAT (test) server that they test patches on before deployment to the production server but they asked if Inductive do or record testing of Ignition after Windows patches?

Given Ignition is OS independent and has multiple versions I imagine this is quite a complex issue but it crossed my mind that if it doesn’t already exist we could setup an Ignition community based database of OS / patching related issues. This would then allow developers / end users the opportunity do a quick query on the database to see if anyone has encountered issues with patches / upgrades. Of course it would rely on Integrator, customers , developers to contribute/add to it if they encounter issues or after successful patching.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Sounds like a great idea.

Generally speaking - no, we don’t crosscheck for compatibility unless someone reports a problem. We have a big advantage over truly native software in that regard - generally speaking, if you can run any JVM, you can run Ignition; especially in 8 with embedded Java.

FWIW, for better or for worse we run Ignition on Windows everywhere and haven’t found Windows patches to be much of a concern with Ignition.