Windows Server 2003 and Ignition Internal Error: Need Help

Dear Support Team,

I have a Siemens Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX300 S6 Server
with Inten Xeon 3.0 GHZ processor and 3 Gb Ram and Raid controller with 2 Partitions of 150 GB
with MySql SErver 5.1, Kepware OPC Server and Windows 2003 Server Standard OS

When I try to install the ignition, i could install it without any problem and issues,
but when I try to migrate my project Gateway Backup from Windows XP Machine to the new Server,
And during the restoring the Gateway Backup to the Ignition Gateway (7.1), my server machine goes
into full CPU Consumption (100% Processor) for a brief period of time and the “Internal Error” Message is displayed on the Internet Explorer Page and sometimes it just stops at 50% Status (green progress bar on the Status Bar).

Could you please advise what could be the problem, can you advise me how to go ahead.


AbdulError_in_txt_format.log (147 KB)
Gateway.log (206 KB)


How large is your backup file? We’ve had some issues with the internal database system we use, one of which is unnecessary growth. This in turn can cause problems when performing operations such as restores. I see one “out of memory” error in the log file, but it’s impossible to tell where it’s coming from. It could be caused by trying to un-zip the backup file.

I would recommend trying the following:

  1. Stop the ignition gateway.
  2. Open/extract the backup file with a zip program- you may need to change the extension from “.gwbk” to “.zip” first.
  3. Replace the db files (db/settings.*) in the “contexts/main/db” folder with the files from your backup.
  4. Start the Ignition gateway.

Please let us know if this doesn’t help, and let us know how big your backup file is. We have a tool that we’ve written to shrink the db, but for various reasons we can’t give it out right now- if it seems you’re running into that problem, we’ll try to get it to you.


Dear Mr. Colby thanks for coming to my help,
I appreciate your reply.

But please note that my Gateway Back Size is quite high
its around 178MB,
But I didn’t fiddled with the zip / unzip
but just downloaded / resoterd taht gateway backup from Xp to Vista and from Vista to Windows Server 2003.

I would do what you have recommended me to do
insha allah, soon I will do as you suggested and drop you a line.



Dear Mr. Colby,

Regarding the Mail from you could you pleae provide me the tool you are referring.
As My ignition backup file size is more than 180 Mega.

If I am migrating the project from the test server to the Production server then where will I extract the files (the path)

could you please help me out with this




The db compactor tool can be downloaded here. It is an executable jar file, so you should be able to double click it to run. The application will tell you what to do.

Make sure to make a backup before attempting to run it, in case anything goes wrong. Let me know if it helps. If it does, I recommend then upgrading to the latest Ignition, which should not have this problem any more.


Dear Brother Colby,

its not working, the tool for db compression has no effect on the file size, only the log says that
the blob size reduced fro128mb to 17.5 mb but actually when i tried to restart the gateway after running the utility the ignition gateway backup file size has no effect.

help needed,
please do the needful
we purchase the license before few weeks



I want to make sure that I understand what is happening: You shutdown the gateway, run the tool on the db folder under “ignition/contexts/main”, restart the gateway, try to do a system backup, and the backup is large?

How big are the files in the “db” folder before and after running the tool?

If you simply need to transfer the system, you can shut down the gateway and copy the “db” folder to the other machine.

Is there some way that you could send me the backup file? Email won’t work, but perhaps something like or could work. If I can get the backup file, I might be able to figure out why it is so big.


Yeah I will try to upload them,
this is the first project that we are working on, so may be we might have overlooked something
just allow me some time to upload the files
but can you guide how do I restore the project into other computer???
any other alternative / manual way of doing it???


The settings.blob file size is around 140MB

Yes, you can do it manually. If you look at this thread carefully you’ll see I mentioned two ways to do it: you can unzip one of the autobackup files, or you can just copy the “db” folder.

To summarize, what I think the easiest thing to do is:

  1. Stop the gateway
  2. Copy the “ignition/contexts/main/db” folder, and put it somewhere that the 2nd machine can get to.
  3. Install on the other machine, and stop the service.
  4. Replace the 2nd machine’s “db” folder with the folder copied in step #2.
  5. Start the 2nd gateway.

You should now be up and running on the new machine.

It’s very strange that your blob file is so big, something must not be going correctly with the compacting tool. If you can get the files to me I can try to compact it myself.


Gateway Faulted Message after following this procedure,
the Settings.Blob file is compressed to 15MB but after restarting gateway there is an alarm
gateway faulted context fault…

I have uploaded the backup online:

please review and advise



I wanted to apologize that I haven’t gotten back to you on this. I will look at it today and post later as to what I find.

Best regards,

thank you and I am waiting


I sent you a private message with a link to download the compacted version that I made. I did not have a problem, and didn’t notice any additional errors, but since I can’t run the full project, I might be missing something.

The PM has additional information, please let me know if anything is unclear.



i Have downloaded the new version and tried,
it works fine
file size reduced to 18mb…