Windows Start Menu Links

It appears that when you run an Ignition project in Windows, you get an icon in the Start Menu and listed in the “Add/Remove Software” list. Two questions:

  1. Is there any way to control/customize where exactly the start menu item is located? Instead of having a folder with the project name & an icon with the project name, is there a way to have it show up in “Ignition/Project Name” or something like that?

  2. Also, how do you remove old projects? If I try to remove them from the “Add/Remove Software” nothing happens. So I end up with a lot of old/inactive projects littering my software list with no way to remove them.


I actually just noticed that you can remove the programs through the Java Control Panel, but still how do you customize where they show up when installed?

All of that is handled by Java. I don’t think you have much control over that. It puts a shortcut on your desktop and in your program folders.

I know there’s a ‘Shortcut Creation’ option in the Java Control Panel’s ‘Advanced’ tab, not sure if it’ll help …

It would be really nice to have a custom Start Menu folder. Shouldn’t be so hard to implement as Ignition already sets some Java WebStart properties, like icon or vendor name. Currently i see the following in the jnlp:

    <icon href="system/images/test_logo.png"/>
    <shortcut online="true">

Maybe we can have an additional setting in the java web start properties for the menu subfolder:

    <shortcut online="true">
      <menu submenu="PutSubfolderNameHere"/>

As a little drawback this may cause Java WebStart to ask for a confirmation when default settings are used.

Thanks guys,

Its not a huge deal, but I can use all the help I can get to stay organized.

I do like Chi’s suggestion. Even if its not customizable, it’d be nice to have them grouped together in some way. Although customizable is always better… :slight_smile: