Windows Update KB5003197 messing with Automated Backup?

I just wanted to put the question out there out of curiosity.

We perform scheduled gateway backups on a network drive.

We’ve been using the Ignition.conf file for the service account credentials successfully for about a year. (Detailed here: Mapping a Network Drive - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation)

After Windows update KB5003197, we started getting “Access is Denied” errors when trying to perform the backup. We could occasionally get it to work for us, but it ultimately failed.

We ended up configuring the Ignition Service log on properties in Windows and used the credentials that way. (As described here: Scheduled Backups doesn't seem to run - #8 by witman)

That seems to work for us (time will tell).

Is there any reason that this works better than the Ignition.conf file?

I don’t know the specific behavior at play here, but I would imagine that more constraints have been applied (due to security considerations) regarding user impersonation. I remember constantly having trouble trying to access a given Windows file share as one user, then trying as another user–you’d always have to log out and back in to get things to work. By configuring the Ignition Gateway itself to run as a specific user, and then giving that specific user the desired access to the file share, there are fewer hoops to jump through to authorize and enable that connection. I think where you’re at now is better aligned with best practices regarding having dedicated user accounts for network services.