Windows update kb5012596

Hello, would anyone know if a current Windows patch (kb5012596) would cause any issues or latency issues with ignition?

First I’ve heard anybody ask…

It seems unlikely based on the description, but I guess anything is possible.

Thanks Kevin. The customer installs updates all the time and for some reason our scripts are now taking longer to process.
I’ll keep digging.

In my experience Windows updates are notorious for not releasing memory, and chewing up unneeded disk space.

If you haven’t already, and it’s possible, I would recommend a full cold boot.

One of the many evils of running Windows.

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Thanks, I will pass that along to our customer to try.

That did the trick!!! They did a cold reboot and the process times went back to normal.
Thanks for the help!


On any windows system I maintain, if a problem crops up out of nowhere, and I see there was a recent update - cold reboot is 100% the first thing I try. Just for the future windows updates that are bound to cause issues lol.