Wireless Connection to Allen Bradley PLC

I am currently working on a project that is using an Antaira module connected to an Allen Bradley PLC located inside of the panel to broadcast the PLC over the network.
The intent is for Ignition to be able to access the PLC over the network using the Antaira module (part #AMS-2111). I’m assuming we will use the Allen Bradley driver in Ignition as would typically be done when the PLC is wired directly to the network.
I’m wondering if anyone has wirelessly connected a PLC to the network in the past or had Ignition connect to a wireless router such as this Antaira module.

Any input is helpful; thanks in advance!

We’ve used a Phoenix Contact FL WLAN 1011 on our mobile carts with micrologix to do the same thing. From a quick look at the documentation for the Antaria it appears to have similar functionality/purpose.

Yes, you will use the Allen Bradley driver. The Antaria module I believe needs to be set up as a client bridge to allow the PLC to connect to the rest of the network. If the PLC is going to be on a different subnet, then the Antaria will need to be configured in Client Mode instead, and you’ll have to set up the NAT rules.

Once that is complete, you should be able to point Ignition to the PLC directly using the needed Allen Bradley driver. If you are using the NAT rules, point the driver to the network facing IP of the PLC.

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I’ve done it before with Siemens PLC’s, not sure if the AB plc’s have ethernet ports of you need some kind of serial convertor.

I used these in the past with no issues. Im just reading data from the PLC though, not writing to it. Ignition connected to it with the Siemens driver as if it was plugged directly.

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That’s great, thank you! Appreciate the responses.