Wireless MQTT Sensors from NCD for Ignition Tutorial

I just finished this tutorial on how to setup a wireless MQTT based sensor network using hardware from NCD.io and the Cirrus Link MQTT modules for Ignition. You can check it out here. The file was to large to upload in this forum even after compressing. :frowning:

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How well has this been working from a reliability standpoint? Are they still in production?

Still working :). The Cirrus Link MQTT modules are pretty pricey, they work very well though. If you are familiar with tcp/ip sockets, you can use a NCD tcp gateway instead of the mqtt one. It would be much cheaper than the mqtt modules. The one qualm with NCD sensors is the programming interface. They have a separate gateway module used to program your sensors. It is around $200. They do have OTA programming but it was still in beta last I used it. It worked, but wasn’t the easiest thing to do. I’m not sure if they have it perfected yet or not. Also, the wireless penetration (900MHz) works very well. Hope that helps.