Wonderware DB.CSV to Ignition tags.json Converter

Does anyone know of such a converter?

I want to start or contribute to a DB Dump (Wonderware) to tags.json (Ignition) converter project. Any help gathering technical documentation for such a venture would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s a start;


To be fair, OP seems to be interested in a DB Dump (Standalone InTouch Tag Export) parser, not WW Historian… Should be pretty straight forward, honestly. If I remember the format correctly, there are sections delineated by lines starting with a colon : that describe the types of tag in a given section. Then it would just be a matter of mapping the various fields to Ignition constructs. Since InTouch is a flat-tag system, there is not the complexity of UDT structures to worry about.

With Ignition, you could build this utility as a standard Ignition project using built-in scripting functions, no need for a separate program. :slight_smile:

Very good point, and one that basically invalidates creating such a tool in the first place, unless it’s only to help create tags that will be made into UDTs afterwards. Otherwise you’ll be left with a tag database of flat tags (or at least template-less) and the mess that comes with that

I’m thinking once inside ignition it would be easy to manipulate the tags into a structure, but however, the tags are coming from older address-based PLCs.

I’m thinking of a way to build a UDT structure that can accommodate address-based and tag-based untill we have funding to replace the older PLC’s.

We can override the tag path easily enough, but manually typing in the address for every tag will be a nightmare.

Doing this in bulk, system.tag.configure is the way to go. We’ve used it to mass create tags for old PLCs using addresses like B3:1/14, etc. As long as they’re organized in PLC, you can script the logic to create the appropriate paths for a bunch of tags. If they’re totally disorganized in the PLC, it’s still faster to type a list of override addresses (or usually a override stub as part of a list comprehension to create the override list) in a script rather than in the tag editor.

I’d definitely create the tags in UDTs in Ignition and use overrides. We do this to use the same UDTs for the same devices regardless of PLC so we can use the same templates. We disable unused UDT members in older PLCs (part of the scripted tag creation) and setup our templates to automatically adapt based on what is available.


@witman Thanks!, What a great idea!!

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