Wonderware (Historian) 2012 too Edge

We are looking to use Ingintion Edge to braodcast MQTT spark plug out to a supervisor system. All the data is in multiple Siemens PLC’s that are sent to a Wonderware 2012 Historian. Can we collect data from the histrioan and send out using igintion edge.

Why would you put the wonderware historian in the middle?
Just point at the OPC items that the historian is collecting instead and send those out.
Unless you are looking to do aggregates from history, then you could always create a database connection pointed at the Runtime database on the wonderware historian and execute queries against the datasource.
wonderware has several stored procedures you can use to query history data.

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So not overly familiar with Wonderware historian (2012) so your saying the historian links between intouch and the historian using OPC??. I assume the is OPC DA? So how do I point Ignition edge at the OPC DA server when Iginition Edge looks like it only support UA.

I thought Wonderware historian linked using SIDirect drivers direct to the PLC , just like intouch does. We don’t really want yet another connection to the PLC as this would load up the PLC more. Would rather take from the historian or a Scada server (Intouch) where data has already been gathered

Not exactly.
The Historian uses DAServer to communicate with the PLCs the same way Ignition does.

If you do not want to make another PLC connection then you will have to use SQL Queries to to get the data out of the Wonderware historian backend. They have documentation on how to do those queries.