Wonderware Historian Data

I’m currently working on converting our Wonderware system to IA Ignition. We have had Intouch for at least 15 plus years and have accumulated that many years of data. It would be fantastic to convert either the native intouch historian or the Insql historian data to an open data base such as the one used in IA. Any thoughts? I briefly looked at the history files but did not do a thorough analysis thus far. Any input will be appreciated.

Sorry you’ve been left hanging here, but I don’t have any experience with this file format. I’m guessing its some sort of proprietary Wonderware file format? If the format is somewhat “open” it shouldn’t be hard to write a little script to bulk-insert the data into a normal SQL database, but again - I have no idea what the file looks like.

Queried the data from the Insql using the wonderware query program and was able to, just as a test, to create a csv file with 1 years worth of data. Need to research further but yes, I agree with you that a procedure to bulk load the data form one data base to the other would be ideal.