Wonderware Memory Message

I need to get the value from a Memory Message from a Wonderware Intouch app into an Ignition tag. Is there any way to do this?

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Should be able to get this done via FSGateway (or OI Gateway in newer versions) and the Ignition OPC-COM Module to offer up Intouch tags view OPC and connect to FSGateway from Ignition.

Was this solution used to pull the values successfully? I know this was a long time ago but I am looking to do something similar.

I don’t know that I actually ever had to do this, so I can’t report on specific success… I think some of the newer OI Gateway features actually include an OPC-UA Server, so it might be even easier now. That is relatively new though I think with the System Platform 2020 release, haven’t looked into it just yet, just reviewed some release notes.

I want to say kepware or matrikon has a opc server that can be used to connect to intouch tags.

Thank you for your input. I found that I could just re-direct the WW Memory message to a PLC tag and then we did some more re-direction in the background. Not what I wanted to do but for only 2 tags, it was the best choice.
Thanks again for your replies.