Wonderware SMC to Ignition

Hi all, recently started learning Ignition as we will have a couple of new plants using Ignition and Unity Pro. I’m about 80% through the University. I like the software a lot, seems like the way to go.

So, I am thinking to propose that we convert our current plant to Ignition from Wonderware for consistency. These plants are all remote and operators will be monitoring multiple plants at once.

The PLC (Unity Pro) is already logging to Archestra System Management Console, is there a way to also connect Ignition to the InSql database structure that Archestra SMC uses and run them side by side?
Or do I have to start a new database and import all the tags from the PLC?

Thanks, I’ve searched and read all I can find.

When you mention it coming in through the Wonderware SMC, are you referring to the use of one of the DA Servers? Which one? Also, what model of [Modicon] PLC is it?

Hi Keving, the PLC is a Schneider Quantum, with Unity Pro 5. Yes, I;m talking about the DA server in the System management console: DASMBTCP.
Does that make sense?
I’m pretty new to all of it, but have learned quite a bit on the PLC programming side and the HMI. Servers, not so much. Let me know if you need more info.


Sorry for not getting back to you on this right away… I’m not aware of any available tools to cross-reference DASMBTCP mappings to Ignition Modbus Addressing… I’m sure an automated process could be generated with a little work and inspection.