Wonderware Tag Converter

Hi all,

I’m working on a tag converter script to take a WW_DB_DUMP csv and generate the proper JSON format. I’d like to release this via GitHub once I’m done.

The question for people way smarter than me is: are there any legal issues that could arise from this? And if not, what are the reasons IA hasn’t released a converter other than due to good business etiquette?

If you are writing the code from scratch, you are the creator. You get to publish it under any license you like. You aren’t republishing WW code. I don’t see any problem with it.

{ IANAL, though. }


they have given you the tools to build it yourself. with the tag creation scripting it is very easy to pull out what you need from the db.csv and create the tags in ignition. everyone is going to do things slightly different when it comes to alarms and other configuration stuff in the tag.

Something to ask, is the way WW did tags the way you want to do it in Ignition? Perhaps most would answer no (I surely do). Which is maybe why something doesn’t exist. Supertags were messy. Other than supertags, tags in WW were very basic. The ability to use UDTs in Ignition far outweighs anything I remember using in WW.