Word Wrap

i have a label in FactoryPMI, but cant get the text to word-wrap. I have tried the word wrap tick-box in the property editor (Data->Text), and changed the size of the text box - it does not seem to work?

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I couldn’t get it to work either. But I did have better luck using html formatting.

Example of one I used:


The table to the left displays the current users authorized to reset container counts on P415 (outside of normal operation).

You may have a maximum of twelve users for this operation.

Enter names of users as shown on the barcoded passcard.


For those who don’t know, the & specify the string is in html formatting. The


are delimiters for individual paragraphs.

Downside: you have to remember to put in the formatting. :unamused:
Upside: it will then automatically adjust to resizing.


Jordan - you nailed it!

The label component will word wrap with as little as an “” in front of your text.

The word wrap check box that you’re referring to is actually part of the FactoryPMI text editor popup window, not the label component. Try checking and unchecking it when there’s a lot of text.