Working/Binding Datasets in perspective


Anyone can help me? I use vision for create HMI, in there we have tag from query tag (SQL Database). finally we have a Dataset. At root container we add new custom properties called “Data”, this is equal to Dataset from Query tag. when we add new components we use binding expression


Now, in perspective anyone can help me to binding one field of Dataset using expression or similar?

Thanks for your time

One quick way would be to use a Script Transform and do the following:

field = value.getValueAt(row, col)

value being the incoming value from the binding to the dataset.

Hope that helps.

here we look the Dataset Tag value. try the previous doesn´t work. We just need insert value.value into a numeric label or led display.

Can you help me?

Thanks for your time.

not sure what youve done wrong if it doesnt work. this is setup on a custom property however it makes no difference on a numeric field.

May I ask why you are storing values in a dataset tag rather then in another method?

Thank you, it´s working now…

we use dataset because we make a SQL Query from database, multi row, so the application is running at Ignition visión 7.9 and mobile… we are testing perspective for migration.

Thanks for your time