Working in the Background

I want to work in the background, save pages and then only “release” them when I am fully happy.

Currently when I am building a page and testing it, everyone in the plant can see it. Is there something I’m missing in the designer? Or do I have to hide this page using access control?

Probably a daft question, but help would be appreciated

Work in a separate project with a dedicated auth provider. Send completed resources to the normal project.


I’m also missing the 7.9 feature to manually publish the project…

I don’t miss it. It was fundamentally broken. A project’s gateway resources took effect on save, while UI resources took effect on publish. Easy to screw up. Good riddance.

As @pturmel suggests, developing on a different server than the production one is the way to go. If all you want to break out is the project (not tags or other gateway things), you can use remote tag providers on the development server with the same names as the local tag providers on production server and when you have changes you want to publish to production, use EAM to send the project from development server to production server. You can setup permissions so you can edit tags from development server, making it not much different than developing on the production server. One note–if you have gateway scripts in your project that shouldn’t run on the development server, you’ll want to add a server check at the start of the scripts and exit if they’re running on the wrong server.

I use a production server with an unlimited license in the manner noted above to do development for other locations, but you can run a development server in trial mode if you don’t have one available with a license for this. EAM can also be used in trial mode if you don’t have enough use for it yet to justify the license.

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Yes, I don’t miss it either since getting projects setup to run on multiple servers and then doing development on a different server than the project’s production server.

While I use separate servers for large projects, I often use a separate project on the client’s server for minor edits. Copy project to temporary ==> edit/test ==> send resources back ==> delete temporary project.


I missed that in your initial post–just read separate project as separate server. Copy of project on same server should work well too.

Thank you for all the very helpful replies. I thought that I had missed something, but two separate projects sounds like the way to go for me. Currently not doing any major overhauls.