Working with docker containers


We’ve been using Ignition to run in a container environment for a while now, without too many docker related issues.
I do remember to have read something that IA would have to make some changes to the licensing, but I don’t remember exactly what was needed or where to find it.

So I have two questions:

  1. Does someone know what was going to change on the licensing part?
  2. Is there any timeframe from IA when this change will happen and what the impact would be?

Due to how Docker images work (and their underlying base OS layers), upgrading a licensed image with the standard 6-digit key will typically trip the license system and you’ll have to re-activate. The leased activation model (like what is used for Maker Edition today) is being actively worked on to enable standard edition 8-digit activations to be generated and used in containerized environments. I don’t have details on the timeframes, but I can tell you there is movement here.

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Thanks @kcollins1! That was all I wanted to know :slight_smile: .

Just bumping this up and seeing if there is more movement here or eta's you can share for functionality to have docker and licensing integrated beyond the current leased activation model. Thanks!

When purchasing a license for Ignition, you have the option of going with either a 6-digit or an 8-digit leased activation key. Just talk to your sales rep!

I think he's already explored the available options and is asking about something else.

Just so I understand. Is the 8 digit license for leased activation only for makers addition or standard as well?

8 digit leased activation is available for standard edition as well, you just need to ask your sales rep like @kcollins1 suggested.

got it thank you!

How often are those lease pings? We've considered testing a containerized model for production deployments, but they need to live in remote sites that could potentially lose internet for a significant duration and we'd still need to maintain historization and other critical functionality.