Working with Google Maps?

Hey everyone! I’m looking to have a page on one of applications that allows the end user to see a map with all of their sites labeled on it. I have no clue where to start with something like this. I was hoping someone could nudge me in the right direction or maybe have an example of something I could see? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! :thumb_right:

If you just want a static map, use the Image tool with a png, gif, jpg or bmp image as the background of your window, then place markers on it where appropriate.

If you want to interact with the map and zoom or scroll it, Kymera Systems have a module for sale that allows you to do this with OpenStreetMap data in Ignition:

check out this thread, I posted a static maps example that I had made using an example IA had made … gle#p43580

the problem with it is that the url can only be so long, so if you have anything more than say 10-20 sites to plot, it wont work.

Ive played with the Kymera map module a little bit, and it seemed to work well.

Thanks Al! I did see that module through Kymera, and it is what I’m looking for, I was just wondering if there was a way that I could do something like that on my own without using their module :slight_smile: It would be some good practice for me for sure! And yes, I’m looking to have it be dynamic and not just static. (However, that is a good idea for smaller end users!)

Diat, I’ll definitely check that out! I am going to be looking to do more than 10-20 sites though, so that is a bummer :/ But again! This sounds like a great solution for smaller end users! :smiley:

Diat, it also appears that that project does not exist anymore and I can not look at what you have done. Would you mind reposting it in this forum so that it is available again? :slight_smile:

yeah then you pretty much have to go with his module or build something on your own.

I think the url limit was like 2000 characters. On the google static api, you have to pass each of your points in thru the url, so it doesnt take much to eat up 2000 characters.

*** I just see that the attachment link is dead. I dont have access to that project anymore, but you can take a look at the api from google. You are essentially just building the url thru scripting … maps/intro