Working with multiple Datasets / PLCs

The visulisation project I’m working on requires to look at multiple (nearly similar build up from OPC Side) running system with multiple screens and pages. As you monitor one all the pages should show the selected running system via dropdown. If you then select (e.g. Operation1 / Operation2) the next system all the FSQL Bindings should swap over to the new system.

For example PLC1.Cutter_Motor_Left should then become PLC2.Cutter_Motor_Left

Is there an easy way to define different datasets from FSQL tags to be selected and bound to pages and components via drop down selection.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Yes, this is what the “Indirect Tag Binding” feature is for. The indirection parameter can come from a dropdown’s “selectedValue” or “selectedStringValue” property.

The “Properties, Binding, and Expressions, volume 4” training video covers indirect binding.